Free Event

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Noon – 4pm

Great party at Bruce Park Lawn inside the white picket fence. 


FREE EVENT. No entry fee.  English Tea Sandwiches, Gin&Tonics, Wine and Water provided free to Players. 

Open to Greenwich, Connecticut residents and their friends.  Must be 21 years old or older, male and female.  Pets not allowed on the croquet court.

Fun competition leading to a Finals battle which will determine the 2020 Winner. 

Golf Croquet.

Easy to learn rules. Everyone gets only one shot, so the game moves along quickly.  Lots of social involvement!

White clothes are requested for Competitors

Tennis whites and sneakers, please also consider a white hat or baseball cap.  No high heels are permitted on the lawn.

Food & Beverages provided to Competitors for no charge by our wonderful sponsor, Kings Market of Old Greenwich.  Tipping is permitted to help defray the costs.

Please RSVP "Yes" on our website at

gctopen.com for our 2020 edition.


We are done with plenty of time for everyone to get their spots for that evening's town fireworks displays at 9pm (dusk) in Binney Park or at Tod's Point (Greenwich Point).

2019 Winner - Lynn Lavalette

2019 Runner-Up - Tom Brenner

2018 Winner - James I. Murphy

2018 Runner-Up - Preston A. Stuart

2017 Winner - Preston A. Stuart

2017 Runner-Up - Derek Toohey

Contact Us

Greenwich CT Open Croquet Tournamnet

PO Box 211, Old Greenwich, CT 06870 USA



  • The Jamaican Opening:  All Players shoot at once ("Hit on 3,2,1...") from corner 4 to Hoop One*, the first wicket in corner 1.
  • Please click on MAP to see COURT diagram.
  • The closest ball to the front of Hoop One plays first (then the balls are played in color order).
  • Play in order - Blue, Red, Black, Yellow solid balls, then Blue, Red, Black, Yellow striped balls, then back to Blue solid color ball.
  • Depending on participants and the draw, there may be 4 players (playing solid color balls) or up to 8 players (playing solid and striped balls).
  • The game may be pairs or individual play.
  • The first ball all the way through Hoop One gets a Point.
  • One point is awarded to the first ball to pass through each wicket in the order of play.

  • After someone scores Hoop One, all balls are then for Hoop Two
  • The next color ball after the one who scored plays first. (For instance, Blue scores H1 then Red plays next hitting toward H2) 
  • After someone hits their ball all the way through Hoop Two, then all the balls are for Hoop Three.
  • Then after Hoop Three, all balls are for Hoop Four, etc.
  • Only one person, or pair, scores each hoop.
  • Normally we play until one person or one pair has scored 7 hoops. They are the Winner(s) of the match.
  • We may time the matches so when the clock expires we declare the person or pair with the most wickets the winner, or in the case of a tie, a shootout.
  • The amount of wicket points needed to win will be determined by the Tournament Director, Preston Stuart.
  • If we have sufficient amount of participants there will be block play leading to a Finals round.

* Hoop has the same meaning as Wicket.

Play at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any personal injury during your participation.

Have Fun & Good Luck